Health Coaching

I am now qualified in health coaching. Qualified with AHG and fully insured.

This means I can help you with health needs in a more detailed way. Book yourself in for a session and we can talk about your nutrition needs and arrange cooking sessions, and learn to be creative to make nutritious dishes, and stay healthy. Learn about making choices with the right foods. To cook, eat and enjoy. There is so much ultra processed food out there that we should avoid most of the time. I can help you to follow recipes that will enable you to make great choices so that processed foods are limited and won’t harm your health. 

I also collaborate with Sofea’s West Oxford Community Larder, who pass on food to members that could be wasted. I can give you ideas on how to cook foods that are healthy and tasty but cost very little.


I am so passionate about food and healthy cooking and can provide online or face to face cooking lessons. Please call 07968785165 or email for more info.

I’ve been suffering with ankle and general back problems related to running over the last year. During this time every running session has ended up with something hurting and me needing 3 days+ to recover. For eight months I’ve been paying up to £65 a session with a Sports Physio trying to solve the problem but with little result had lost faith in the whole process. Last week Ros gave me a sports massage on the neck, back and legs. The next day I went for a run and to my surprise and delight it was pain free, injury free and because of that was my best 10K time in the past 4 years. I would happily recommend Ros to anybody.

Karl Wirth

I attended a massage with Ros due to a shoulder injury whilst playing rugby. The injury was causing mild pain and I often struggled to lift my arm above my head. I completed a course of three massages with Ros and this combined with her advice of correct posture and stretching, my shoulder is now pain free and stronger than before’

Andrew Morrison