Ros Barresi is a complementary therapist based in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, 

Berkshire and London. Ros is qualified in various types of bodywork, reflexology, auricular acupuncture and nutrition. She has slowly built her business up with recommendations along the way working in a whole array of areas.  Previously based in a  spa in West London, Selfridges and many outdoor events, substance misuse centers, mental health and corporate environments. She has recently worked at Priory Hospital delivering wellbeing workshops. 

Ros also provides health workshops for community-based groups.

 Therapeutic home visits are also included.  This is something that is encouraged as you remain relaxed after a treatment.

For more details contact Ros on 07968 785 165.


Once a week I have ear acupuncture from Ros to ease the stresses of addiction. I have once a week and during this time my anxieties disappear, my aches and pains leave me and I feel at peace with myself. When the hour session is over and the needles have been removed I have this feeling with me for the rest of the day.

If you are lucky enough to experience ear acupuncture I would thoroughly recommend it and jump at the chance. The benefits I have gained from it have been immense.

Syd Franklin

I have had eight sessions of ear acupuncture with Ros. I used to be quite sceptical but since starting this therapy I have found it to be very helpful. My stress and anxiety levels are much more manageable. During the therapy I can relax and meditate in peace. Ros is very knowledgeable, kind, friendly and puts you at ease. I would recommend this to anybody.

Barry Dalziel