Health Coaching

I am now qualified in health coaching. Qualified with AHG and fully insured.

This means I can help you with health needs in a more detailed way. Book yourself in for a session and we can talk about your nutrition needs and arrange cooking sessions, and learn to be creative to make nutritious dishes, and stay healthy. Learn about making choices with the right foods. To cook, eat and enjoy. There is so much ultra processed food out there that we should avoid most of the time. I can help you to follow recipes that will enable you to make great choices so that processed foods are limited and won’t harm your health. 

I also collaborate with Sofea’s West Oxford Community Larder, who pass on food to members that could be wasted. I can give you ideas on how to cook foods that are healthy and tasty but cost very little.


I am so passionate about food and healthy cooking and can provide online or face to face cooking lessons. Please call 07968785165 or email for more info.

The lady with the magic healing touch; I met her just in the nick of time. My life had hot rock bottom ten months ago when I met Ros at the Lifeline Project. Her therapies, individual massage, ear acupuncture and foot masage were all invaluable to my regaining a sense of balance, a healing so deep that my mind, body and spirit have soared. I look forward to returning to work fully fit and healthy.

K. Ward

Ros’s massage sessions are helping me in my gradual recovery from a severe ME relapse. When my muscles ache badly Ros gives me a gentle massage; when I am feeling better, but unable to exercise very much, her sessions help to stimulate my muscles. At all times, Ros has a quiet, friendly and professional manner.

Helen Garfitt