Community Wellbeing

New Zealand

Being Able To Express Oneself 

Growing up is hard and we can all feel the pain and stress of it. Parents, siblings and friends as well as teachers and other elders.

We need to feel individuality as a young person but yet we need to feel like we can depend on our elders and peers because it is that in-between stage.
I distinctly remember not being able to communicate with my parents as a teenager. It was hard and although I got through my teens quite successfully in an age with no mobile phones, social media or pressure like today I look at teenagers now and think; ‘wow, how hard it looks!’
We most certainly let our thinking take over us; ‘what will they think if I tell them this?’ Why are we so scared of what others are thinking? If we all had the self empowerment to let people know what we are thinking and feeling the world would be so much easier.
Anxiety is so prevalent and we need to be able to let others know if we are feeling anxious. So many people are getting anxious today. Is it a sign of the times? I believe so….
All we need is support and for someone to let us know it will be okay, that they understand and that someone will listen.
When I was a teenager I possibly felt anxious some of the time. And I am pretty sure I held it all in. These days we have school counsellors and some mental health awareness. But how much better it would work if we all had a collaborative discussion and made the whole experience as normal as possible?  Yes what is normal? We all know that  life is about ups and downs and if young people are aware of this then it can be a positive thing to keep the discussion open. A regular discussion about this in school time, after school clubs and sessions can benefit young greatly.
My proposal is to get these sessions going in school time, after school and to enable them to carry on with parents and other family members as well as friends and acquaintances, Once we close up, we are find it harder to talk, make the start and ask how someone is today.



I have recently put on a wellbeing workshop at Didcot Leisure Centre with Go Active, a program run by South Oxfordshire District Council. It was very successful and incorporated families and an interactive session about healthy eating, wellbeing, food groups, making healthy recipes and more. Why not book a session for your community centre, school or an evening group and learn together as a family?



Community Wellbeing is something that is coming up more and more in Society. After working in community mental health (and currently) for many years I feel the need to bring such matter to the social circle is important. Whether it be encouraging children to be more robust in the real world whether it is what they eat or how to look after themselves or work within groups such as the Mind charity in Oxfordshire, it is vital to bring such a focus to the forefront.  Depression is going to be our second biggest illness by 2020 according to the World Health Organisation, and we need to act fast therefore focusing on inclusion, wellbeing and health in order to combat such difficult subjects.

My aim is to bring wellbeing to groups, in form of nutrition, healthy eating, creation of healthy and tasty food, ear acupuncture and more.  Please contact me for more details.Ros-Barresi_Auricular-Acupuncture

Every month I run an ear acupuncture group at Mind in Witney.  Service Users really benefit from it due to the Zen like feeling they get from it. I run it for about forty five minutes and it helps them with anxiety, depression, stress and many other areas that can enable us to feel low in mood.