Corporate Massage

Massage for a balanced working life

During my career, I have focused my energy for on-site massage and worked closely with various companies to provide massage therapies to their employees in the workplace.

Corporate Massage (On-site massage) is specifically tailored to provide the benefits of relaxation in the office. In today’s fast and busy workplace, individuals are finding less time to take the necessary breaks that the body needs. This creates an increase in stress and tension in the body, which can lead to repetitive strain injuries (e.g. tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome), tension headaches, tight shoulders, back pain through bad posture and many other conditions, that are part of everyday working life.

What Corporate Massage can do for your company:

  • Reduce the time that is taken off by employees by offering treatments that reduce physical stress and tension that can lead to injuries and illness, long-term back problems. 

  • Create a happier work environment, which can increase staff morale and work performance, resulting in an increase in productivity. 

  • Provide your staff with preventative maintenance and the information needed to maintain an optimum level of health and mental clarity.   

  • Show your employees that you care about them.

To book your Corporate Massage Day, or to enquire about Corporate Massage Packages, contact Ros Barresi