Nutrition & Nutritional Therapy

Nutrition is vital for good health and wellbeing.  The food we eat can determine so much in our lives.   I can help you get into eating healthily and wisely for weight loss, for general good healthy eating, recipes and good nutritional advice.  Food can be a minefield for some people and so getting to grips with a good basis of nutrition is key.  

The more different and varied foods we eat and try the better we feel.  Confidence and knowledge are needed for good food and nothing else.  If you need help with recipes or knowing how to create wonderful new dishes then I can I am there.

Sugar is such a big thing in the world now and there are so many ways to use alternatives so that we don’t pile on the pounds and raise our insulin levels.

I was involved in a project that involved me creating dishes that used little sugar or good alternatives.

I am now running community groups giving the low down on healthy eating and living using interaction and quizzes.

I am currently training to be a health coach. Level 5 Diploma.

60min  £55