On-site Massage

me and chairOn-site or chair massage is a great way of treating people at work, within the office and corporate environments. Massages are done on an ergonomic massage chair and is so comfortable. Like Indian Head Massage, it works from the head down to the gluteus maximus, arms and hands.

 It is invigorating as well as energising and will leave you feeling relaxed. I work on the client’s shoulders and neck predominantly, helping the person to regain posture and to sit in a correct way, enabling them to get on with their work whilst relieving tension. I couple the treatment with continuous advice and stretches so that the client can make the most of this one to one time at work.

Massage in busy office environments is necessary because spending so much time at a desk is stressful and the body needs that change so that the muscles don’t get used to being in the same position.

60 min  £50 (minimum booking 3hrs)