A9DB650A-F63F-44EA-93CE-8EB7F8447EEB.jpegThis is a treatment that started thousands of years ago in Ancient China.  It works similarly to Acupuncture and Shiatsu linking meridians, organs and zones.  If a problem or ailment arises then it will show up in the foot and can be worked so that the body can help to heal this ailment naturally.    If the area is tender then it generally means there is a problem and so working this area throughout the treatment enables healing to take place.  It is important to remember that all areas of the feet need to be treated.

I spent some time volunteering at the cancer centre at Royal Berkshire Hospital for a cancer charity offering reflexology.  The charity is called My Cancer My Choice and is based at Bracknell Healthspace too.  Registered charity number; 1162165.
I am now treating reflexology @theskin_shed in Cholsey. Please ask for details.

60min  £55